Being in the battery production industry, you must have heard about various processes related to battery pack assembly. Cell sorting is also one of them. Cell sorting basically means finding good batteries and sorting them on the basis of their characteristics. It is a crucial process, and we will try to find out what is its impact on the life of batteries in this article.

What is Cell Sorting?

Cell sorting in lithium-ion battery assembly is the process of segregating and organizing individual battery cells. This segregation is based on their specific characteristics, such as capacity, internal resistance, and state-of-charge.

Benefits of Sorting

Sorting is one of the basic steps to increase consistency in cells. When the cells are consistent, they deliver uniform power output, leading to better overall battery performance. Consistent performance minimizes the need for complex balancing circuits within the battery pack, potentially lowering costs. Also, grouping cells with similar aging rates reduces wear and tear on the entire pack, extending its lifespan. Balanced cells also minimize the risk of fire due to less internal resistance variations, leading to more efficient energy transfer within the battery.

Degradation Control

Cell sorting helps to prevent premature degradation by ensuring cells with similar aging rates are placed together. It means the cases— in which some cells degrade faster and lead to overall battery failures—can be reduced with cell sorting. This also reduces stress on individual cells and minimizes capacity loss over time. Cell sorting promotes consistency in voltage, capacity, and resistance across the battery pack. This leads to more reliable performance and predictable lifespan.

Factors for Optimal Longevity

During cell sorting, manufacturers consider various factors that are important for longevity. Some of those factors are capacity, voltage, and internal resistance. Physical properties like size and shape of the cell are also considered while sorting them. Grouping cells with similar charge-holding abilities ensures they discharge and recharge at similar rates.

Additionally, cells with similar voltage deliver consistent power output and minimize imbalances within the pack. Grouping cells with similar internal resistance reduces variations in energy flow and heat generation, promoting efficiency. Lastly, if you wonder why shape and size are a factor, ensuring proper physical fit within the pack allows for efficient heat dissipation and prevents damage.

Advancements and Durability

Newer sorting techniques, like multi-parameter analysis, offer even more precise cell characterization. By precisely matching cells, stress is further minimized, potentially extending battery lifespan. More efficient batteries waste less energy, reducing environmental impact. Also, if the battery lasts longer than they usually do, there would be less batteries lying around or going to landfills.

Challenges of Cell Sorting

Most of the challenges in terms of cell sorting can be avoided by employing good machines. But, good machines can be costly and cost can be a problem if you are a low volume producer. Semco Infratech comes up as a solution provider for all types of sorting machines at the best costs. Additinaly, Sorting requires equipment and process integration which adds complexity to the manufacturing process. Semco comes as a savior to help you with these complications as well. We provide training and installation which makes the setup as easy as possible.

Contribution to the Longevity

Cell sorting helps group batteries with similar capacities and internal resistances. This reduces stress on individual cells within a pack, preventing overworking and degradation, thus extending lifespan. Once the batteries are grouped on the basis of capacity and resistance, it becomes possible to make batteries that work for long periods of time.

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