Our Partner

EVBox is the leading global manufacturer of electric vehicle charging stations and
charging management software. In 2010, EVBox made its breakthrough when the market for electric vehicles (EVs) was still in its infancy. EVBox soon became
the sole supplier of public charging infrastructure in cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Monaco. Meanwhile, EVBox played an active role in creating and innovating Smart Charging technologies and roaming of charging infrastructure
with industry partners. In 2014, Gilde Equity Management Benelux became EVBox’s
new major shareholder to help EVBox expand internationally. In 2017, EVBox was acquired by energy utility and global service provider ENGIE, who identified EVBox as a disruptive, leading cleantech company making a difference in the fast growing industry of electric mobility. Today, with projects running across Europe, North America, South America, and Asia, EVBox moves forward by perfecting its original recipe with a second generation of hardware and software that are energy efficient,
future proof, and easy to use.

In the new energy industry, Shenzhen HYNN Technologies Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to research and develop high precision lithium battery testing equipment since established in 2006. HYNN is a high-tech enterprise of independent design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and service. Relying on the sophisticated experience of power battery testing technology, HYNN provides intelligent production line and testing line for the power battery manufacturing.  Over ten years of rich R&D experience on equipment manufacturing, HYNN has trained groups of intelligence for technology and management, and itself has become a brand recognized by numerous customers and institutions, honored as China’s Top Ten Brand Enterprises for Lithium Battery Facilities and the leading provider of lithium battery testing solution. Innovation is the policy for development and quality is the root of development. It is our constant pursuit to provide customers with satisfactory products and superb services.