Ditching Wires for Data: The Rise of Wireless Battery Management Systems (WBMS)

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Ditching Wires for Data: The Rise of Wireless Battery Management Systems (WBMS) While traditional wired Battery Management Systems (BMS) have served us well, a new era of wireless communication is

Behind the Scenes of Lithium Battery Production

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Lithium battery packs are the heart of the new energy revolution, and their assembly is a critical process. This article dives into the key stations and equipment that make up

Deep Dive into Battery Management Systems for Large-Scale Energy Storage

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The battery management system (BMS) is the unsung hero of a large-capacity battery storage station. It acts as the brain, constantly monitoring and controlling the battery’s operation to ensure safety,

Maximizing Battery Performance: The Importance of Equalization

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Battery packs, especially those used in electric vehicles and energy storage systems, often consist of multiple battery units connected in series. While this configuration offers higher voltage, it can lead

Plugged In: Understanding Fast and Slow Charging for Your EV

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Fast charging and slow charging are the two main categories into which new energy vehicle charging techniques fall. Each of these two approaches is unique and appropriate for a variety

Exploring the 10 Key Performance Indicators of Electric Vehicle Batteries

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First of all, let’s introduce ten key performance indicators of power batteries. Yes, you heard it right. It’s not five or seven, it’s ten! They enable electric vehicles to operate

Spot Welding-The Crucial Connection in Lithium-ion Batteries

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Modern technology relies on lithium-ion batteries to power everything from electric cars to laptops and smartphones. But for these batteries to work, there needs to be a secure electrical connection,

Key Points in the Lithium Battery Module PACK Manufacturing Process

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The production of lithium battery modules, also known as Battery Packs, involves a meticulous and multi-step manufacturing process. This article outlines the key points of the lithium battery module PACK

Are Lithium Batteries Safe? – Analyzing Battery Risks and Comparisons

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As lithium battery technology advances, these batteries are now prevalent in consumer electronics, electric bikes, mobile devices, electric vehicles (EVs), and energy storage solutions. Safety concerns around lithium batteries have

CCS Busbar: The Next-Gen Tech Powering Up Electric Vehicles

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Energy storage battery modules and new energy vehicles’ upper covers are made of a CCS (cell connection system) integrated busbar, sometimes referred to as battery cover assembly. It can accomplish