Battery Charge Discharge System 60V/75V/100V/120V (20A – 200A)

60V 20A 8CH

100V 60A 2,4,6,12&16CH

   120V 30A 4CH

60V 60A 2&4CH

100V 100A 1,2&8CH

   120V 50A 4CH

60V 40A 4CH

100V 30A 2&4CH

   120V 60A 2CH

60V 60A 12CH

100V 120A 4CH

   120V 100A 1&2CH

60V 80A 2CH

100V 200A 4CH

   120V 120A 1CH

60V 100A 2&8CH

100V 50A 2CH

   200V 100A 8CH

60V 200A 4CH

150V 100A 2CH

75V 20A 8CH

150V 400A 2CH

75V 40A 4&6CH

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Equipment model Semco SI BCDS-V 100V 100A-1CH
Communication TCP/IP (so)
Channel control Single point independent control
Charging 80%
Charging voltage 0 ~ 100 v
Port discharge 12.5 ~ 100V
Charging current 0.02 A ~ 100 A
Discharge 75%
Discharge current 0.1 A ~ 100 A
Voltage accuracy ± (0.05%RD + 0.05%FS)
Accuracy of ± (0.1%RD + 0.05%FS)
Main According to the specific equipment, it can be customized and equipped with 1 channel for each
Voltage 1mV
Current 1mA
Temperature resolution 0.1 ℃
The input power AC 220V±10%/50Hz (Power supply mode for cabinet: three-phase five-wire)
Sampling time Sampling frequency of a single box is 10mS
Recording time 100mS~65535S
Charging mode Constant-current voltage limiting, constant-current voltage, constant-power charging, constant-current charging test (for batteries with protection plates)
Charge cut-off condition Voltage, current, time, capacity, temperature
Discharge patterns Constant current discharge, constant power discharge, constant current discharge test (for batteries with protection plates)
Discharge cut-off


Voltage, current, time, capacity, temperature
Number of working steps per cycle 100 steps with nested loops (10 layers)
Circuit structure Modular design for easy replacement and maintenance
Software and hardware


Reverse connection protection, over voltage protection, over current protection, over temperature protection, under voltage protection, short circuit





Main System Functions

The software supports all kinds of continuation, such as manual suspension, software shutdown continuation, power interruption continuation, equipment communication interruption continuation, abnormal stop continuation.

Support bar code scanning, can scan one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code, sequence scanning, channel hopping scanning, disk scanning and other scanning methods.

Local test detailed data storage, you can view the current test data and historical data of each channel at any time, data and curve corresponding two ways to present, and support to export EXCE report in the form of single or batch, in addition, according to the need to set the automatic derivative data at the end of the test.

Support capacity sorting, can be graded battery sorting and LED light.

Support the Pass judgment at the end of the test, according to the specified cycle capacity, voltage, time and other information to judge the Pass/NG result.

Support all kinds of working step protection and global voltage, current, temperature abnormal protection, and abnormal alarm, support battery pack overcharge, over discharge protection test.

Support unit conversion

Support database server background MES storage or other MES docking

Offline protection of hardware and software.

Support channel parallel function

Voltage acquisition and real-time screening, check the battery crimp before the test, and turn into voltage screening after the test.

BMS communication protocol is connected, and battery charging and discharging steps are monitored through BMS data items.


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