Manual Spot welding BTW 5000A/10000A

  • The highest welding frequency in the industry (200KHz) and the most powerful pulse power in the industry.
  • The welding current rises quickly, enabling high-quality welding of workpieces in a very short time.
  • Constant current, constant voltage, constant current and constant voltage three control modes.
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Product Model Semco SI-BTW 5000A Semco SI-BTW 1000A
Type Standard type Standard type
Enter the power supply AC220V 50-60Hz AC220V 50-60Hz
Maximum input power 400W 800W
Maximum welding current 5000A 10000A
Maximum welding voltage 125KHz 125KHz
Control mode Constant current / constant voltage / constant current constant voltage Constant current / constant voltage / constant current constant voltage
Preload time range 0-9999ms 0-9999ms
Slow-up time frame 0-9.9ms 0-9.9ms
Welding time frame 0-9.9ms 0-9.9ms
Mitigation time frame 0-9.9ms 0-9.9ms
Cooldown time range 0-99.9ms 0-99.9ms
Holding time range 0-9999ms 0-9999ms
Current setting range 200-5000A 200-10000A
Voltage setting range 0-10.0V 0-10.0V
Cooling method Air cooled Air cooled
Weight 20Kg 30Kg
Form factor 415*215*348mm 415*215*348mm



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