Semco SI BB 24S 10A


Also Available For: 32S and 20A

Device name: A 24-way fully automatic lithium equalizer
Equipment model: Semco SI BB 24S 10A
Support the charge and discharge current: The charge and discharge port supports 20A+ 50A

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Display function and touch handling Displays all individual battery voltages and can touch the handling
Support battery serial number 1 to 24 strings
Support balanced current The 1 to 10A current is adjustable
power consumption at full load ≥500W for LFP and ≥600W for NMC
Support battery types Lithium-ion battery
Functions Support for multi-machine series use
Temperature protection function The product reaches the internal 50 degrees temperature automatic control function
Pressure deviation accuracy 0.000V differential pressure control
Equipment working voltage DC12V
Protection method The machine has its own instant error protection, super string connection, reverse connection can be protected


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