BMS Tester 1-16S / 1-24S / 1-32S (50-400A) With & Without CAN/Temperature Sensor


Also Available For: 1-24S, 1-32S, 1-40S and 1-48S strings with CAN communication and Temperature Sensing and from 60A-400A.

Power supply: AC voltage 220V ± 10%, frequency 50Hz ± 10%;

Ambient temperature: – 10 ~ 45 ;

The environment is free from strong vibration, corrosive gas and flammable and explosive gas.

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Model Semco SI-Y BMST 1-24S (60A/120A) With cabinet
Purpose Used for battery protection board test of 24 strings and below
Basic function Overcharge and discharge voltage test
Overcharge recovery and discharge recovery test
Internal resistance test
Over current protection test


Unique test items




Short circuit protection test (microsecond level)
Single section self-power consumption test (refers to the true and accurate self-power consumption of each section)
current and opening voltage Balancing test
Infrared scanning (bar code scanning) the ID of each protection board and store the record
BMS Type LiFePo4, LicoMnNi02
Module High current module: the current level is 120a and the current accuracy is 0.1A
Voltage module: programmable output 0.5-5v, accuracy ± 1mV
Short circuit module: super capacitor, fully simulating pack battery voltage



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