HYNN Cell Tester 5V 100A/60A 24CH/48CH


Also available In: DECT 5V 60A 48CH 

  • Battery life cycle testing
  • Battery capacity testing
  • Battery Charge/Discharge characteristic testing
  • Battery SOC retention ability testing
  • Battery charge/discharge efficiency testing

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  • The equipment adopts electric energy regenerative technology, which has high energy saving efficiency and low heat generated by the system, which can greatly reduce the heat emission, power consumption and operation cost of the equipment.
  • The equipment accuracy is 0.05%, the data recording time can reach 1S/time, and high stability.
  • Single point independence, independent charging and discharging conditions can be set for each channel.
  • Complete input and output, software and hardware protection, reverse connection protection, power failure continued connection protection and other functions.
  • Multi-layer network integrated management, centralized control by one computer, large system supports remote monitoring.
  • According to needs, the channels can be used in parallel to achieve multiple uses in one machine.
  • When the computer is abnormal, it supports offline operation at an appropriate time.
  • Modular design concept, box plug-in design, easy to maintain.


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