Manual Spot Welding 3000A Pneumatic

The spot-welding machine with large battery pack without the need of distribution pump has low noise, fast speed and stable pressure. The equipment has stable performance, reliable welding quality, compact and reasonable structure, small size and large power, and is rated as “fighter” by customers.

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Welding Way: One-Side Welding Double Point of Balance
Welding Power: Multi-Pulse
Equipment Weight: 30 Kg (Excluding Power)
Input Current: 32A
Power Supply Current: 3000A
Welding Thickness: 0.2 mm (More Than Dot Need to Slot)
Welding Speed: 180times/Min
Drive Mode : Electric/Pneumatic (Optional)
Equipment Power: 220V 50/60HZ
Platform Load: 60kg
Power Capacity: 12 KW (Including Power)
Shape Size: 1200*700*1230(mm)


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