5V 10A 512CH-Regenerative

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Also Available for: 5V 10A 256CH

Item Name Semco SI ES 5V 6A 512CH
Channel numbers 512 CH
Working mode for channel Charging: constant-current (CC), constant-voltage (CV), CC-CV No impact voltage and current during CC-CV transition)

Discharging: constant-current (CD), constant-power constant- Voltage.

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  • The constant voltage and constant current charging are safe and smooth, and the voltage and current sampling output of the device is controlled through the four-wire system connection for soft start, so as to make a safe and smooth transition in the constant voltage and constant current charging process to avoid the occurrence of peak damage to the battery.
  • Each CH can perform constant current and constant voltage charge and constant current discharge test on the 512 Cells that meet the voltage range.
  • Using the constant current-constant voltage power supply of the invention patent, there is no impact from constant current to constant voltage switching, which is especially suitable for the requirements of lithium-ion battery charging.
  • Equipment and computer interface: the Ethernet interface between the equipment and computer can ensure the stability and real-time of remote data acquisition, and the operation of the equipment can be activated by the office network and remote monitoring workshop in real time.
  • Each battery fully has its own constant current and constant voltage source, and its own loop does not affect each other.

1 review for 5V 10A 512CH-Regenerative

  1. Sima Mishra

    It’s probably the best machine in my plant right now.

    Have been using it for a long time and no production failure to date. All I would say is “This5V 10A 512CH-Regenerative Machines is best in this segment “

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