The Future of Laminated Equipment in Battery Manufacturing

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The world of power battery production is undergoing a significant transformation due to the rising demand for large-capacity, standardized, and vehicle-grade power batteries. To meet these demands, the lamination process

High-precision Door welding through laser technology

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The white body, the core structure of a car, hinges on the accuracy and quality of its doors. These crucial components define not only aesthetics but also vital functions like

Internal Reaction of Lithium Batteries Under Thermal Runaway

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Lithium batteries, known for their high energy density, are prone to thermal runaway, which can be triggered by three types of abuse: mechanical, electrical, and heat. Mechanical abuse involves external forces such

Laser Ultrasonic Detection Technology in Industrial Applications

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In the complex world of manufacturing, the relentless quest for perfection continues, especially when it comes to vital equipment parts like those in boilers, pressure vessels, aerospace components, and high-speed

Optimizing Lithium Battery Performance: Strategies for Assembly, Use, and Care

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Lithium battery is a kind of battery with high energy density, which is widely used in mobile electronic equipment, electric vehicles and energy storage systems. Correct assembly and use of

Methods and Applications of Dual-Beam Laser Technology in Welding

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In the ever-changing world of technology, dual-beam laser welding is a key player, blending precision and efficiency in manufacturing. This advanced technology uses two separate laser beams and is transforming

Three Hidden Threats to Your EV’s High-Voltage Connectors

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When the high-voltage system works, the current is as high as dozens of amps or even hundreds of amps. Compared with traditional low-voltage connectors, high-voltage connectors need to withstand higher

Understanding and Mitigating Thermal Runaway in Lithium Batteries

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The introduction of lithium batteries has transformed portable electronics and electric vehicles by offering a small and effective power supply. However, a significant problem that has arisen with these developments

The Charging and Discharging in EV Power Batteries

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The heartbeat of electric vehicles lies within the intricate dance of charging and discharging processes that occur in their power batteries. These essential operations are the linchpin of energy conversion,

Decoding the Crucial Role of Battery Management Systems (BMS) in Enhancing Lithium Battery Performance and Safety

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The Battery Management System (BMS) emerges as a critical electronic overseer for lithium batteries, meticulously monitoring voltage, current, temperature, SOC, and various parameters. Its role is pivotal in ensuring the