Maximizing Battery Performance: The Importance of Equalization

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Battery packs, especially those used in electric vehicles and energy storage systems, often consist of multiple battery units connected in series. While this configuration offers higher voltage, it can lead

Internal Reaction of Lithium Batteries Under Thermal Runaway

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Lithium batteries, known for their high energy density, are prone to thermal runaway, which can be triggered by three types of abuse: mechanical, electrical, and heat. Mechanical abuse involves external forces such

Three Hidden Threats to Your EV’s High-Voltage Connectors

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When the high-voltage system works, the current is as high as dozens of amps or even hundreds of amps. Compared with traditional low-voltage connectors, high-voltage connectors need to withstand higher

Understanding and Mitigating Thermal Runaway in Lithium Batteries

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The introduction of lithium batteries has transformed portable electronics and electric vehicles by offering a small and effective power supply. However, a significant problem that has arisen with these developments

The Charging and Discharging in EV Power Batteries

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The heartbeat of electric vehicles lies within the intricate dance of charging and discharging processes that occur in their power batteries. These essential operations are the linchpin of energy conversion,

A Deep Dive into Lithium-ion Battery Equipment

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Let’s explore the fascinating world of lithium-ion battery industrial equipment, the silent force driving every rechargeable revolution. From Raw Materials to Electrode  The journey starts with a precise blend of

Lithium-ion Battery Fire Safety: Early Detection and Suppression Technologies

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Lithium-ion batteries are the workhorses of the modern world, powering everything from our smartphones to electric vehicles. However, these powerful energy storage devices also come with a potential fire risk.

Understanding the Significance of Battery Voltage Measurement Accuracy in BMS

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In the intricate world of Battery Management Systems (BMS), one paramount factor that often takes center stage is the accuracy of battery voltage measurement. This seemingly technical parameter plays a