This article unveils the cutting-edge battery pack powering the future of heavy-duty electric vehicles. Boasting a massive 423 kWh capacity, the system features 12 battery boxes packed with innovative technology for maximum performance and safety.

Modular Power: Each battery box houses 3 modules composed of high-energy 230Ah cells. This modular design facilitates efficient maintenance and scalability, catering to diverse hauling needs.

Smart Management: At the heart of the system lies the intelligent Battery Management System (BMS). It meticulously monitors and controls various vital functions:

  • Voltage: Continuously tracks individual cell voltages, calculating the total system voltage and identifying outliers.
  • Current & Leakage: Accurately measures battery current and insulation module leakage, ensuring optimal charging and system health.
  • Temperature: Monitors module temperatures via sensors, activating fans or heating when needed for consistent performance.
  • Alarm & Interface: Provides customizable alarm settings for critical parameters like voltage, temperature, and current, ensuring proactive prevention of issues.
  • Equalization: Detects and balances cells with lower capacity, extending overall battery life and maximizing efficiency.
  • Parameter Setting: Allows fine-tuning of vital parameters for optimal performance and adaptation to diverse scenarios.
  • Insulation Detection: Utilizes low-frequency injection to ensure safe separation between high-voltage battery systems and the vehicle body.
  • Anti-Interference: Robustly tackles environmental challenges like vibration, electromagnetic interference, and extreme temperatures.

Smart Power Flow: The BMS seamlessly manages charge and discharge cycles, implementing strategies like CC, CP, CC2, and slow/fast charging for optimal battery health and efficient energy utilization.

Seamless Integration: The BMS seamlessly integrates with the vehicle, controlling key contactors for safe power on/off, charging, and heating functions.

This new battery pack represents a leap forward in heavy-duty electric vehicle technology, promising unrivaled power, efficiency, and reliability. Get ready to witness the future of sustainable transportation!

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