Temperature Test Chamber


Product Name MHW-25-S: constant temperature test chamber 25: inner volume
Application Constant temperature test for small pouch cell and coin cell

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Sample limit ·        This test chamber is prohibited: Testing or storage of flammable, explosive, volatile materials;

·        Testing or storage of corrosive substance samples; Testing or storage of samples of strong electromagnetic emission;

·        Testing and storage of radioactive material samples;

·        Testing and storage of highly toxic substances;

·        Testing or storage of specimens that may produce above substances or objects during testing or storage.

Volume and size
Nominal internal


Inner size W280 mm×D250 mm×H360 mm
Outer dimension W360 mm×D450 mm×H470 mm
Net weight Around 40kg
Environmental conditions Environmental temperature: +25℃ Relative humidity≤85%

no test samples in the test chamber (no load)



Temperature fluctuation ≤1℃(No load, stable temperature)
Temperature deviation ±2.0℃(No load, stable temperature)
Heating time 25℃→60℃ ≤ 30 min
Cooling time 25℃→0℃ ≤ 50 min
Insulation Outer wall material: high quality cold rolled steel plate, surface sprayed and painted;
Envelope Inner wall material: stainless steel plate SUS304;

Chamber insulation material: polyurethane foam (thickness of 50mm)

Air conditioning Axial flow fan, evaporator, heater


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