Battery Test System 100V 50A-500A with CAN


Input power AC380V±15% 50/60±5Hz
Power factor ≥99% (Full load)
THDI ≤5% (Full load)
Input resistance ≥1MΩ
Input power 35.3KW

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Input current   53.6A/Per Phase
Overall system 90%(Max)   90%
≤65dB   ≤65dB
Voltage and current sampling   Four-wire connection (different port for charging and discharging)
Power control module type   MOSFET
Input power wiring method   Three-phase-five wire system
Power input protection   Anti-surge, anti-silos, anti over or under frequency, anti over or under voltage, anti-phase absence, etc.
Functions and performances
Voltage Output range Charge:0V~100V
Min discharge voltage 3
Accuracy ±0.02% of FS
Resolution 24bit
Current Output range 1.5A~300A
Accuracy (independent range) ±0.05 % of FS
CV cut-off current 300mA
Resolution 24bit


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