Battery Testing System 5V 30A-5V 200A


Items Values
Input AC AC 220V ±10% / 50Hz
Input Power 2127 W
Resolution AD:16bit;DA:16bit
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Input Impedance ≥1MΩ



CV output range 0.025V~5V
Min discharge voltage 30
Accuracy ± 0.1% of FS
Stability ± 0.1% of FS



Output range/channel 0.15A~30A
Accuracy ± 0.1% of FS
CV cut-off current 0.06A
Stability ± 0.1% of FS


Output power/channel 150 W
Stability ± 0.2% of FS


Current response time Max rising time: 20ms
Working step time ≤ (365*24) h/step, Time format-00:00:00.000(h: m: s:ms)

Data record

Data record conditions Min data record interval:100ms
Min voltage change:10mV
Min current change:60mA
Frequency 10Hz



Charge mode Constant current, Constant voltage, Constant current and voltage, Constant power
Cut-off condition Main channel:Voltage, Current, Δ Time, Capacity, -ΔV



Discharge mode Constant current, Constant power, Constant resistance, Support Customize constant current and voltage
Cut-off condition Main channel:Voltage, Current, Δ Time, Capacity, -ΔV



Pulse Mode

Charge Constant Current, Constant Power
Discharge Constant Current, Constant Power
Min pulse width 500ms
Pulse Cycle up to 32
Charge and Discharge switch Auto Switched
Cut-off condition Voltage, Time
DCR Support DCR Calculation Based on User-Defined Record


Max cycles 1~65535
Max steps 254
Cycle nest 3



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