Semco SI-Y BMST 1-32S (150A/300A) With Cabinet

Power supply: AC Voltage 220V ±10%, frequency:50Hz±10%;

Ambient temperature: -10~45℃;

The environment has no strong vibration, no corrosive gas and flammable and explosive gas.

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Product name Semco SI-Y BMST 1-32S (150A/300A)
Number of strings supported 1-32
Basic skills Internal resistance test
Single overcharge and over discharge voltage
Single overcharge and over discharge recovery voltage
overcharge/Over-discharge protection delay
Charge/discharge protection current
Charge and discharge overcurrent delay
Delay of secondary overcharge and over discharge of single cell
Unique test items Single-cell self-consumption test (refers to the true and accurate self-consumption of each cell)
Balanced current and balanced turn-on voltage test
The test sequence can be adjusted
Test program starts Support barcode scanning self-starting/manual start
Test Data Data sheet can be generated and saved to facilitate product traceability
Scope of application Can measure ternary materials, lithium iron phosphate, lithium cobaltate, lithium manganate, titanate, and other lithium battery protection boards
Protective function Hardware board and most software boards (communication is required for special software boards)
Module High current module: the current level is 300A, current accuracy±0.1A
Voltage module: programmable output0.5-5V, accuracy±1mV
Short-circuit module: supercapacitor provides instantaneous400AShort circuit current, test short circuit delay


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