Semco SI-LT DSWM 10000A

For 18650, 32650,21700,26650,14500 Cylindrical Cell Module with nickel sheet Alloy sheet aluminium-nickel composite tape welding. Or it is NB/Power Tool/Gardening Tool/High Power/Energy Storage Power Station/Electric Balance Vehicle Battery/electrical motor bike Battery/electric car Battery/Assistant Car Battery/Solar Energy Storage Battery Welding Equipment, can be used with automatic production line.

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  • High-precision full-servo welding head, fast speed, high precision and good stability.
  • Less spark spatter, beautiful and firm solder joints, no blackening, uniform size of solder joints without burrs.
  • High welding efficiency, taking 18650 as an example: about 2000-3000PCS cells/hour
  • High-definition touch screen, simple programming, fool-proof configuration, easy for ordinary employees to operate
  • Manual input, array, CAD graphics three kinds of file programming
  • It can store up to 99 sets of welding ranges, and it is convenient to change the wire and adjust the machine
  • One-key calibration function for overall offset of solder joints
  • Easy to adjust and use, the welding pin spacing and pressure are independently adjustable
  • Welding power source (inverter DC, transistor) can be selected according to customer requirements
  • Automatic alarm and cut-off system, display the fault location, and continue to work after clearing the fault


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