Single Side Spot Welding 3X 5000A- Fully Electric


Also Available in: 5000A-10000A & Pneumatic 

SI SSWM 3X 5000A- Fully Electric automatic spot-welding machine is a multi-axis motion controller developed by modern automation expert technology, with precision transmission and motor control mechanism, automatic walking mechanism, precision welding power supply, and effective real-time control processing automatic production equipment.

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  • Double-station non-stop continuous automatic spot-welding operation.
  • Automatic welding current monitoring and alarm function.
  • Forced escape loop water cooling function.
  • Rotating welding head can spot weld nickel plates with different angles. (Optional function)
  • The anti-sticking needle function can be turned on and off by rotating the welding needle. (Optional function)
  • All imported servo motor configuration.
  • Electric drive pressure welding head to make the pressure more precise.
  • Automatic alarm for defective solder joints, manual control and automatic positioning repair welding.
  • A variety of programming methods, easy to learn.
  • Three-level operating authority setting, convenient file management.
  • The energy of different solder joints can be switched during the welding process.
  • Output setting, production counting, quantitative shutdown.
  • Set the number of times the solder pins are used, and remind the solder pins to maintain after reaching the stipulation.


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