Semco SI BE 124 02A

Also Available in: 05A

  • The maximum allowable input voltage range of the power supply: 176V to 264V.
  • The maximum allowable range of product working environment temperature: -40℃ to 60℃.
  • The maximum allowable range of product working environment humidity: ≤ 90%, no condensation, no strong vibration, no corrosive gas.
  • The maximum allowable storage temperature of the equipment: -55°C to 80°C (Note: The equipment cannot be stored at the highest or lowest limit temperature for a long time).
  • Overall size: (24 series model) length × width × height: 300×220×150mm
  • Total Weight: 24 strings: 7KG (Including output wiring harness
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Produced by Semco Infratech Pvt Ltd. Lithium battery pack balance maintenance instrument is a maintenance equipment for lithium battery packs of new energy vehicles. It can solve the problem that after the power battery is connected in series and formed into a group, due to the inconsistency of each single battery, the problem of unbalanced power of the battery monomer continues to expand, resulting in shortened battery life, reduced cruising range, and even complete battery failure.


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