Semco SI Battery Comprehensive Testers 120V (60/200A)


Also Available for: 100V & 30-300A

  • The function of the test instrument is divided into two parts, namely, battery production test mode and correction mode. Therefore, the equipment can be used as an electronic load and comprehensive test instrument.
  • Scope of application: For lithium-ion batteries equipped with (CH + P + CH-P-), all series of power batteries.

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Technical Parameters:

  • Voltage range (0-120V) Resolution 1mV Accuracy 1% RD+0. 1FS
  • Internal resistance range (0-2000 milliohms) resolution 001 milliohms accuracy 0.1% RD+0. 1FS
  • Charging Current (0-60A) Resolution 001 A Accuracy 0.1% RD+0. 1FS
  • Discharge current (0-200A) at the highest voltage, continuous discharge current 120A, resolution 0.001 A, accuracy 1% RD+0. 1FS (if customers have higher current requirements can be customized)
  • Overcurrent Delay Time (0-30S) Resolution 1mS Accuracy 1% RD+0. 1FS
  • Short circuit time (0-2000 μ s) resolution 1 μ s (microsecond) accuracy 1% RD+0. 1FS
  • NTC Range (0-100K) 001 K
  • R1 range (0-100K) 001 K
  • Operating voltage AC (200V-240V)
  • The maximum charging power is 2 W (when charging at the maximum current)
  • The maximum working power of discharge is 24 kW (when discharging at the maximum current)
  • Surge voltage < 15V


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