EV Battery Testing System IGBT


Power: 75kVA, 150kVA, 300kVA, 600kVA
Voltage: 60V ~ 1000V
Current: 100A – 1000A

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  • The new generation testing system with high voltage and high power output capability, is designed for the tests of battery pack.
  • Utilizes IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) technology which is much different from traditional power devices and control methods. Stable and reliable testing control performance makes
  • The best testing system for EV battery and energy storage battery.
  • The key control circuit of IGBT system uses digital signal processor (DSP) as key digital circuit.
  • Based on TI’s C2000 platform, its abundant peripheral resources and high-speed digital computing capabilities enable it to meet the needs of data processing and system control.


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