Battery Charging Discharging System 100V – 30A/ 50A/ 60A


Also Available in: 100V 30A 2CH/ 100V 60A 2,4&6CH/ 100V 50A 2CH 

  • Battery cycle life test
  • Battery pack capacity test
  • Charge/discharge characteristic test of battery pack
  • Test of temperature characteristics of battery pack
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  • It is suitable for aging test of ternary, lithium iron phosphate, lead acid, nickel-hydrogen-nickel- cadmium battery packs.
  • Suitable for battery pack with the same port.
  • The voltage range of aging battery pack of equipment is 10V ~ 100V, and the charging and discharging current range is 0.1 A ~ 30A.
  • The equipment is efficient and energy-saving, and the charging and discharging conversion efficiency is 85%-94%.
  • Battery module production inspection of battery manufacturers.
  • Large current charge and discharge detection of EV/HEV power battery system.
  • The mechanism carries out large current charging and discharging detection and battery performance detection for the battery module.
  • Daily maintenance of battery modules in battery factories and charging stations.


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