OCV Intelligent Sorting Machine

  • OCV test is generally required 3~4 times in cell factories and then graded, and 1~2 times in PACK factories before assembling the incoming cells.

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  • Battery internal resistance is one of the most important internal parameters of lithium batteries, which is directly related to battery performance testing, life evaluation, and energy management. It is an important technical indicator to measure battery performance. Therefore, it is one of the mandatory inspection items for batteries
  • Impedance is one of the main factors affecting charge and discharge performance and efficiency. When assembling a lithium-ion battery pack, select cells with similar internal resistance for matching. If the internal resistance difference between cells is large, the performance of the overall battery pack will be directly affected. Impact; after the module is welded, it is necessary to perform an internal resistance voltage test on the module to check the performance of the entire module;
  • The larger the capacity of a Li-ion battery, the smaller its internal resistance. Therefore, the capacity of the battery can be roughly judged according to the size of the internal resistance;
  • The outstanding performance of the aging failure of recycled lithium-ion batteries is the increase of internal resistance. By testing the internal resistance of the battery, the aging degree of the battery can be quickly judged
  • During the maintenance process of lithium-ion battery packs, the internal resistance of each battery unit should be checked frequently, so as to select the units with increased internal resistance and replace them with better battery units to keep the battery pack in good condition as a whole.
  • The open circuit voltage can be measured for 2~4 times, which can screen out the problem of internal short circuit of the battery, and can also directly reflect the degree of self-consumption of the battery
  • The OCV test is convenient, fast and efficient, and the test result can be obtained in an average of 1 second
  • The cost of OCV testing is low. If the customer has no conditions to purchase charging and discharging testing equipment, the OCV testing system is the best choice. It only needs an internal resistance tester with a set of test fixtures connected to the computer. That’s it.


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