Cell Sorting 10C SMP

  • Power supply: AC 220V, 2KW 50/60HZ
  • Air source: 0.4-0.8Mpa
  • Ambient temperature: 10-45℃

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  • Equipment suitable cell type: prismatic cell
  • Equipment suitable cell size: L50-260MM, W10-80MM, H50-250MM
  • Functions of the equipment: It is used for prismatic cell sorting to measure the voltage and internal resistance parameters of the cell, and has the function of scanning code (including bar code and QR code). According to the measurement results, the cell will be sorted according to the parameters set by the customer.
  • Number of channels: 5 OK channels, 1 NG channel /9 OK channels, 1 NG channel.
  • Voltage setting: 0.000-6.000V
  • Internal Resistance setting: 000.0mΩ-999.9mΩ
  • Scan code function: Honeywell scanner, support bar code and QR code
  • Test data can be exported as Excel tables and stored using USB stick
  • Comprehensive production efficiency: 1500-2000PCS/H
  • Control mode: 7.5-inch touch screen/computer optional
  • Production quantity is automatically collected to display the current production efficiency
  • Moving devices: The shift power is driven by servo motor with accurate positioning
  • Hioki 3561/Hioki 3561A Standard tester: HK3560 high-speed tester, voltage accuracy: 0.00005V internal resistance accuracy: 0.01mΩ, can be replaced by Hioki 3561/Hioki 3561A


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