Cell Sorting 05C SMP


Also Available in: Semco SI-H 10C SMP

  • Interface: Micro-computer touch panel and self-developed system, easy to operate and friendly with maintenance.
  • Testing Mechanics: Pure copper probe to reduce errors
  • Mechanics: Precision servo to locate accurately and run effectively

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Name Prismatic Sorting Machine 5 channel
Model Semco SI-H 05C SMP
Precision 0.001V、0.1mΩ
Range Voltage:0~5V Impedance:0~200mΩ
Channels 4 OK+1 NG
Air source 0.6-0.8Mpa
Working Voltage AC220V±10% 50HZ power≤1.5kW
Specification L 1600(mm),H 1800(mm),W 1350(mm)
UPH 450-700Pcs/h
Yield rate 99%
Customized Dimension


L 55-270mm, W 18-60mm, H 90-225mm


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