Semco SI CCD Tester

  • Adapt to battery specifications: Many kinds Finished product Batteries Polarity detection
  • Detection range: 500*380 (MM) (can be customized according to requirement
  • Efficient: 50-80PPM
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  • Operating temperature range: 26℃±5℃
  • Humidity: ≤82%
  • Clean, no strong electromagnetic interference
  • Maximum equipment size: length: 1000; width: 650mm; height: 1900mm
  • Total weight: ≈55kg.
  • Equipment electrical: AC220V±10% 50Hz; power consumption 300W;Configuration list:
  • CCD lens: 500 pixel high-definition lens
  • Industrial computer: DECHENG
  • Control system: CCD dedicated system
  • Switching power supply: 24V (Taiwan Ming Wei)
  • Display: HSP HD LED


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