Semco SI BE 24S 5A

Model Semco: Semco SI BE 24S 5A
Test Port: 2*12
Charge & Discharge Power: Max 600W

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Voltage Range & Accuracy 1.8-4.2V @±0.1%FS±2mV
Current Range & Accuracy 0.1-5A @±1%FS±0.05A
Temp Range & Accuracy -25~85℃@±2℃
Battery Port 16pin/24pin
Display 7-inch touch screen
PC Data Communication TCP/IP, USB
Wireless Communication WIFI, BT (WIFI antenna external)
Charge Mode Constant current charging + constant voltage charging
Discharge Mode Constant current discharge (constant power discharge and constant resistance discharge are optional)
Dimension 496*246*262mm/14 kg


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