Prismatic Cell Tester 5V 120A 32CH

Model Semco SI-D ES 5V 60A 64CH- (Prismatic & pouch)
number of device channels 64 channels
Charge/Discharge Current Range (mA) 300~60000

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  • Modular manufacturing, strong versatility and easy maintenance.
  • Using the four-wire method to measure, improve the test accuracy and high.
  • Each battery channel has a completely independent constant current and constant voltage source, and the self-contained loop does not affect each other.
  • The equipment adopts the control method of sending the whole machine process.
  • The sampling speed is fast, and the inspection time of the whole cabinet is less than or equal to 3S.
  • Complete WINDOWS platform software, powerful software, friendly man-machine interface, easy to operate. The host computer can set up to 32 steps and 256 cycles, and each formation step can be selected from four attributes, including constant current charging, constant voltage charging, constant current discharging, and sleep.
  • It can draw the dynamic curve of the process of converting each battery into capacity in real time, including voltage/time curve, current/time curve, capacity/time curve, energy/time curve, capacity/voltage curve and other function menus.
  • LED indicator light is used to indicate the working status of the battery.


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