Semco SI CT 5V 120A 16CH- BK

  • Independent channels with configurable parameter and condition setting for each individual channel.
  • Equipped with complete input and output devices, hardware and software protection, polarity reverse protection, power failure protection and etc.
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  • Precise control without overshoot during CC-CV and CV-CC transition.
  • Modular design, convenient for maintenance.
  • Strong software system and friendly HMI (Human-Machine-Interface).
  • Charge and discharge test, partition capacity and cycle life and other performance tests.
  • Software function, friendly human-machine interface
  • Segmental range design, in the operation of the equipment, according to the different output
  • Value of the internal intelligent adjustment of the range of the equipment, to ensure the high precision of each stage;
  • Excellent thermal performance, unique duct design, through forced air cooling to reduce the
  • impact of high temperature on equipment performance. The dual fan mode is adopted to carry out forced ventilation and cooling for the power cooling module, and the thermal imager is used for thermal simulation tests to ensure that the cooling device works within a reasonable temperature range.


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