SI BE 360 2505-C

  • Modular Design, each battery node uses an independent full-featured charging module.
  • Supports a full range of strings: Support 1 string; 1-12string; 1-24 strings; 1-36 strings; 1-48 strings;

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  • Infinite concatenation: State-of-the-art isolation technology, Unlimited series connection of multiple machines, to achieve the simultaneous maintenance of more than 300 batteries per vehicle.
  • Supports the full range of batteries: Supports battery packs of different systems such as lithium iron phosphate, ternary lithium, lithium manganate, and lithium titanate.
  • Supports multiple currents: Select 2.5A, 5A maintenance current as needed (1-5A can be customized).
  • Humanized operation: Equipped with a colour touch screen, the operation interface is simple and clear.
  • More information display: The colour screen can simultaneously monitor the working status and maintenance effect of each single cell in the battery pack before and after maintenance.
  • Parameters can be set: The working parameters can be set according to user requirements;
  • Support bus communication: The device has CAN and 485 bus, which can communicate with external devices. (Custom Edition)
  • Multi-machine communication: Support serial communication of various host computers such as notebooks and desktops.
  • Ports and harnesses can be customized: Cover the market for more than 90% of the ports, the wiring harness can be customized for special ports to achieve safe, convenient and fast maintenance.
  • Stable and reliable, convenient and portable:


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