Semco SI-S201-1

• SI-S201-1 Battery Forced Internal Short Circuit Test Machine

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Internal Dimension 400*500*500mm(W*D*H)
Temperature Range -20~150℃
Heating Speed 3℃/min (In average)
Cooling Speed 1℃/min (In average)
Temperature Accuracy ±0.5℃
Temperature Uniformity ±2℃
Humidity Range 20%~98%RH
Humidity Accuracy ±2% RH
Humidity Uniformity ±2% RH
Capacity 0~1000N
Resolution 1N
Unit Conversion kg, lb, N
Testing Stroke 0~100mm
Accuracy of Stroke ±0.05mm
Testing Speed 0~20 mm/min(adjustable)
Load Resolution 1/10000
Load Precision <±0.5%
Squeeze Direction Pressure from the top



Squeeze Step

At a speed of 0.1mm/S and using standard pressurized tooling, apply pressure to the part of the single cell where the small nickel sheet is placed

At the same time use the voltage collection system to monitor the change of the voltage at the output of the battery.

When a voltage drops of more than 50mV is gain, or when the applied pressure meets the requirements (cylindrical battery 800N, square battery 400N), stop reducing the pressurized tooling and hold for 30s, then remove the pressure


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