Battery Sleeve Laminating Machine 32700/33140


  • Working power supply: AC 220V±10%/50Hz, power: ≤5KW
  • Working air source: 0.5~0.6Mpa
  • Adapt to battery specifications: 32700 batteries
  • Sleeve efficiency: ≥ 55PPM

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  • The structure of the equipment is compact and reasonable, the appearance is beautiful, and the space occupied is small.
  • The equipment is easy to operate, no professional training is required, and workers can easily master it.
  • The equipment adopts PLC control, which is responsible for battery feeding, sleeve labelling, punching and stacking surface pads, heat-shrinkable insulating label skins, easy to learn operation, high work efficiency, saving labour costs, and good product performance. Equipment materials are made of high-quality thick cold-rolled sheet metal and aluminium profile frame. The equipment is equipped with universal movable casters, which makes it easy to move and carry the equipment.


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