Double Side Spot Welding 6X/8X 5000A/8000A/10000A- Fully Electric/Pneumatic

Also Available for: 6X 8000A, 8X 5000A, and 8X 8000A, 10000A, Pneumatic 

  • Fixed a group Batteries and the battery slice and the bracket are a battery pack.
  • Make the position of the solder joints of the assembled battery pack welding parts accurate and stable.

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  • Equipment it is suitable for automatic double-sided spot welding of various cylindrical cell combinations such as 18650, 21700, 26650, 32700, cells and other cylindrical battery cell combinations of cylindrical cores.
  • It is suitable for spot welding of modularized lithium battery packs such as NB/Power Tool/Gardening Tool/High Power/energy storage power station batteries/electric motorcycles/electric vehicles, and can be used with lithium battery pack production lines.
  • This equipment is a multi-axis control machine developed by modern automation expert technology. It is an automatic production equipment for effective real-time control of processing with precision transmission and motor control mechanism for automatic walking mechanism.


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