Semco SI CT 5V 6A 8CH

Equipment model: SEMCO SI CT 5V 6A 8CH
Communication: RJ45 (network)
Charging voltage: 0-5V
Discharge voltage: 5-0.7V

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Charging current 0.02A~6A
Discharge current 0.02A~6A
Voltage accuracy + 0.05% FS ± 0.05% (RD)
Accuracy of + 0.05% FS ± 0.05% (RD)
Voltage 1 mV
Current 1 mA
Power output 5 ~ 6000 W
The input ≧ 10 M Ω
The input power  AC220V + 10% / 50HZ
Current response Hardware response time when maximum current is output: 50ms
Time setting For 0-9999 hours, the time units are hh: mm: ss. MS and the resolution is 0.1s
Record the way Charging recording time, discharging recording time, stationary recording

time and global recording time

Record the frequency 100 MS to 100 S
Sampling About 10mS for a single box


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