Semco SI BCDS 75V 20A 8CH


Also Available in: 60-75V, 20-100A, 2-8CH

  • Single Power supply: AC voltage twenty two0V ±10%, frequency: 50 Hz ±5%,
  • Whole cabinet power supply: AC voltage380V ±10%, frequency: 50 Hz ±5%
  • Ambient temperature: 0 ∽ 45℃
  • Ambient humidity: no more than 85%RH (no moisture condensation)

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Device model Semco SI BCDS 75V 20A 8CH/set, the whole rack has 48 channels
communication method TCP/IP (Network port)
Channel control mode Single point independent control
Charging energy saving efficiency 80%
Charging voltage 0~75V
Port discharge voltage 7.5~75V
recharging current 0.02A~20A
Discharge feedback efficiency 75%
Discharge current 0.1A~20A
Voltage accuracy ± (0.05%RD + 0.05%FS)
Current accuracy ± (0.1%RD + 0.05%FS)
Main temperature According to the specific equipment, it can be customized and equipped with 1 channel per channel
Voltage resolution 1mV
Current resolution 1mA
Temperature resolution 0.1℃
Input power AC 220V±10%/50Hz (Power supply mode of the cabinet: three-phase five-wire)
Sampling time Single box sampling frequency 10mS
Record time 100mS~65535S
Charging mode Constant current limit voltage, constant current constant voltage,
Charging cut-off condition Voltage, current, time, capacity, temperature
Discharge mode Constant current discharge, constant power discharge, constant current over-discharge test (for battery with protective board)
Discharge cut-off condition Voltage, current, time, capacity, temperature
Number of steps in a single cycle 100 steps, with nested loop function (10 levels)
Circuit configuration Modular structure design, easy to replace and repair

Software and hardware protection

Reverse connection protection, over voltage protection, over current protection, over temperature protection, under voltage protection, short circuit protection


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