Manual spot welding 5000A / 8000A / 10000A – Fully Electric & Pneumatic – With & Without Rail

  • The connection current rises very fast, realizing high-quality welding in a short time.
  • Welding current/voltage/power resistance waveform for dynamic real-time monitoring.
  • Welding transformer, small / lightweight/ beautiful.
  • Constant current/constant voltage/constant current and constant voltage combined mode three control modes.
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  • The current climbs fast, suitable for welding some difficult metals, such as copper, pure nickel, brass and other metals.
  • Transistor welding control system, welding time adjustment accuracy is very high, because it belongs to the high-frequency pulse, the frequency reaches millions of Hz and time accuracy can even adjust to the smallest unit 1 microsecond. Because in a very short time it can emit huge currents, so in the welding process, the work piece heat affected zone is very small, deformation is also small.
  • Transistor spot welder overcomes the shortcomings of capacitor energy storage spot welders and increases the control of current accuracy on its basis, so it is suitable for more complex welding technology.


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