Semco SI CT 5V 10A 192CH- Prismatic

Charging voltage: 0V-5V

Discharging voltage: 2V-5V

Accuracy: ±0.1%FS

Resolution: 0.1mV

Testing range: ±10A

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  • Each CH can perform constant current and constant voltage charge and constant current discharge test on the 192 Cells that meet the voltage range.
  • Impact form constant current to constant voltage switching, which is especially the requirement of lithium-ion battery charging
  • Equipment and computer interface: the Ethernet interface between the equipment and computer can ensure the stability and real-time of remote data acquisition, and the operation of the equipment can be activated by the office network and remote monitoring workshop in real time.
  • Each battery fully has its own constant current and constant voltage source, and its own loop does not affect each other.


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