Semco SI BE 7-24S 10A

When the lithium battery is assembled or the finished battery pack is stored for a long time, the voltage between the individual cells is inconsistent due to the difference of static power consumption of each circuit of the protection plate and the self- discharge rate of each single cell.

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During the charging process, the voltage rise speed of each cell is different, which results in the increase of the voltage difference of the battery pack. The highest voltage series of single body triggers the BMS over- voltage protection in advance, which causes the whole group of batteries to stop charging. The low voltage monomer cannot be full of electricity, and the high voltage monomer cannot discharge the power. The battery capacity is reduced and the life is reduced. Equalization is the key technology to solve the difference of cell unit. The common methods are discharge equalization and charging equilibrium. The balance has the effect of balancing voltage on the lithium battery group, so as to achieve the effect of full charge and full discharge of battery capacity, and make the battery group recover the maximum capacity and extend the service life of the battery pack.


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