Semco SI BE 3-32S 18A

Model Semco SI BE 3-32S 18A & Semco SI BE 3-24S 18A
Channel or Series 24 / 32
AC Input 100~240V±15%, 50/60Hz

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Working voltage 1~4.3V. When the cell voltage is equal to or higher than 4.9V, it will display 4.9V and the charging and discharging status bar will Display “Wired off.
Equalization current 2~18A adjustable.
Balance mode: Charge balance, discharge balance, automatic balance.
Application NCM, LMO, LFP
Cooling method Forced air cooling. Voltage acquisition
Accuracy ±2mV
Current measurement Supports current measurement within 30A of charging and discharging. Charge and discharge require a separate charger and

Discharge load.

Temperature protection The internal overheating protection value of the machine can be Set.
Safe and reliable Triple protection (software protection; hardware protection; mutual supervision between master and slave)
Modular design safe isolation, high protection level, convenient for after-sales
Man-machine interface 7-inch touch screen
Main protection items Input overcurrent, input overvoltage, output overcurrent, output overvoltage, output short circuit, connection line drop, battery under voltage, battery overvoltage, battery reverse connection, over temperature
List x 1 equalizer, x 1 power cord, x 1 set of equalization cord
Dimensions 440*233*320 mm (length*width*height)
Packing size 500*295*365 mm (length*width*height)
Gross weight 12Kg


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