Battery Charge Discharge System 100V 60A 16CH

  • Whole cabinet power supply: AC voltage 380V ±10%, frequency: 50 Hz ±5%
  • Ambient temperature: 0 ∽ 45°C
  • Ambient humidity: no more than 85%RH (no water vapor condensation)
  • The environment is free from strong vibrations, corrosive gases and flammable and explosive gases
  • Resolution: AD: 16bit
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  • Energy feedback energy-saving type, during the test process, it has the effect of charging energy saving (90%) and discharging feedback (88%), with little heat generation, so as to achieve the purpose of saving energy and reducing costs for users.
  • Constant current to constant voltage charging is safe and smooth, the voltage and current of the equipment adopt the four-wire connection mode, and the voltage and current loop The circuit is independently designed to make a safe and smooth transition during the constant current to constant voltage charging process to avoid damage to the battery due to spikes case.
  • High precision calibration method, charging current, discharging current, charging voltage and discharging voltage are all calibrated with high precision by Agilent accurate, ensure the accuracy of current and voltage in1‰ within.
  • Excellent heat dissipation, Unique air duct design, through forced air cooling to reduce the impact of high temperature on equipment performance. Double In the fan mode, the power cooling module is forced to draw air to cool down, and a thermal imager is used for thermal simulation testing to ensure the cooling device works within a reasonable temperature range.
  • Single box power supply, each box of the whole cabinet is powered independently to ensure the stability and safety of the power supply of the whole cabinet.
  • Power independent, to ensure that the circuit output is uniform during the power supply operation, and there is no protection problem.
  • The clamp is flexible and adjustable, Compatible with batteries of various sizes, it is truly a multi-purpose battery that maximizes its use value.


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