Providing Testing Equipment

At Semco Infratech, we understand the crucial role accurate and reliable battery testing plays in ensuring optimal performance and longevity. That’s why we offer a diverse range of testing machines catering to various applications and parameters. With our comprehensive collection of testing machines, you can trust Semco Infratech to equip you with the knowledge and insights needed to optimize your battery performance and maximize your bottom line.

Cell Grading

Ensures the constant voltage and constant current charging is safe and smooth, and the voltage and current sampling output of the device is controlled through the four-wire system connection for soft start, so as to make a safe and smooth transition in the constant voltage and constant current charging process to avoid the occurrence of peak damage to the battery.

Battery Management System Testers

BMST are mainly used to detect whether the battery management systems are working correctly or not. Testing Battery management systems is crucial as they help to protect the cells charge difference and short circuit. In order to get the optimum safety of the battery pack, the BMST’s play an important role. BMST also has a defined parameter on which any BMS is tested.

Battery Charge & Discharge Systems

Explore battery health further with Semco Infratech's Battery Charge & Discharge Systems. These systems meticulously evaluate capacity performance by managing charging and discharging cycles. By uncovering your batteries' actual capabilities, you can make well-informed choices for enhanced utilization. Primarily utilized in battery production or research, such as lithium-ion, lead-acid, cadmium-nickel, and nickel-hydrogen batteries, they also perform life aging tests (Circle Life Testing) and ensure quality control.

Battery Comprehensive Tester

Lithium battery comprehensive test equipment is a device for quickly and accurately testing the performance of the finished battery. The system adopts the latest processor and converters that have faster test speed and higher test accuracy than similar devices, and supports simultaneous operation of multiple devices. BCT is widely used in the production and scientific research experiment test of power battery packs.

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