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The energy saving test system for power battery pack independently developed by SEMCO HYNN Technology Co., Ltd. can carry out charging and discharging test of working condition to packed power battery system, detect capacity, efficiency, charging status, heat properties and other comprehensive properties of the battery pack, verify detection precision and accuracy of energy status of the battery management system, and provide reliable basis for effective management after the battery pack is assembled on vehicles.


  • The energy of the whole system has two-way flow and can automatically adjust the energy direction. That is, when charging, the energy can flow from the three-phase grid to the battery pack, while discharging, the energy is fed back from the battery pack to the three-phase grid.

  • The DCAC module uses space vector adjusting technology and digital control to have a high voltage utilization ratio and less current harmonics distribution.

  • The energy storage module can realize internal conversion of dual channel charging and discharging energy; if the charging and discharging energy between two channels are equal, the efficiency of energy conversion between two channels can reach 99%.

  • Fast conversion of output current and non-overshoot of current can avoid impact of equipment to the battery pack.

  • The CAN2.0 interface can access battery package BMS data and control the battery package status in real time during the charging and discharging process.

  • Capable of communicating with PACK production line, such as OPC, Internet and other interface protocols.

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