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Exploring the Efficiency of Prismatic Cell Sorting Machine

Exploring the Efficiency of Prismatic Cell Sorting Machine

At Semco, we bring you cutting-edge solutions for optimizing battery manufacturing processes. Our latest innovation, the Semco Prismatic Cell Sorting Machine, revolutionizes the sorting of prismatic cells. With customizable options of 5/8/10/20 channels, this machine offers unparalleled precision, automation, and safety.

Semco Prismatic Cell Sorting Machine


Our Prismatic Cell Sorting Machine offers a host of advantages that set it apart:

Advantage Semco Prismatic Cell Sorting Machine

High Precision Sorting: The automatic sorting test system combines high precision IR and voltage testing to ensure accurate sorting of batteries.

Safety First: Equipped with a cell overloading alarm system and sound and light alarms, the machine prioritizes operator safety.

Data Management: The database management mode allows for long-term preservation and robust traceability of sorted batteries.

Efficient Throughput: With a capacity to sort up to 500-750 batteries per hour, the machine enhances production efficiency.


Semco's commitment to seamless integration extends to the Prismatic Cell Sorting Machine:

Customization: Choose from 5 to 10 channels based on your sorting needs.

Automation: The high degree of automation and simple operation make integration into existing processes effortless.

Semco Prismatic Cell Sorting Machine

Designed specifically for sorting prismatic cells, this machine offers unmatched capabilities:

Semco Multichannel Prismatic Cell Sorting Machine

Rapid and Accurate: The machine sorts cells based on voltage and internal resistance, ensuring rapid and precise sorting.

Reliable Operation: The automated process eliminates human errors, improving sorting quality and efficiency.

Robust Design: Features like multi-file structure, full alarm function, and quick material box access enhance usability.

Technical Specifications

Technical specifications Semco Prismatic Cell Sorting Machine

Model: Semco SI-H 10C SMP (Sorting Machine)

Experience the future of battery cell sorting with Semco's Prismatic Cell Sorting Machine. Elevate your production processes with precision, efficiency, and safety. Contact us for more details and to witness the difference this machine can make in your battery manufacturing operations.

Semco Prismatic Cell Sorting Machine technical specifications

Stay ahead in the world of battery manufacturing with Semco's innovation and excellence! About Semco - Established in 2006, Semco Infratech has secured itself as the number 1 lithium-ion battery assembling and testing solutions provider in the country. Settled in New Delhi, Semco provides turnkey solutions for lithium-ion battery assembling and precision testing with an emphasis on Research and Development to foster imaginative, future-proof products for end users. For More Updates Follow Us WhatsApp - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - LinkedIn - YouTube

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