SEMCO HYNN pack testing system integrates pack EOL equipment with energy saving equipment, of high compatibility, reliability and stability.The data acquisition system collects data for voltage and temperature of single battery module, as well as the total current and total voltage. The collected data is stored at a special database and the system proceeds data statistics, analysis and report generation.Test data can be uploaded to the factory MES system.


  • Short-circuit test: Test the positive and negative open-circuit voltage, the resistance between the positive pole and the shell, and the resistance between the negative pole and shell (Agilent Instrument)

  • Insulation test: Test the insulation value between the total positive pole with the shell, and that between the total negative and the shell (Hitachi Instrument)

  • Withstand voltage test: Test the values of withstand voltage and leakage current between the total positive pole and the shell, and those between the total negative pole and the shell (Hitachi Instrument)

  • AC internal resistance test: Test the AC internal resistance of the battery PACK (Hitachi Instrument)

  • DCIR test: Test the DC internal resistance of battery PACK (energy saving test equipment for power battery pack)

  • Battery PACK cycle test: According to the parameters of battery PACK, the project files are set, and the cycle tests are conducted on the battery PACK.

  • BMS message parsing: Read messages and information of BMS through the CAN interface and parse related content.