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SEMCO HYNN negative pressure formation needle bed applies with six-sided protection scheme. Each storage position layer is isolated with stainless steel plate and fireproof rock wool; Needle bed is equipped with water fire protection and gas fire protection; Storage position is designed with smoke and temperature sensors. Safe and reliable, it is the most popular and advanced design scheme for ternary cells and lithium ferrum battery testing nowadays.


1. Twice positioning method is adopted for the tray's positioning. At the first time, a positioning is made by using the guide block around the mechanical unit and the second time is the precise positioning of the dowel pin.

2. When the mechanical unit moves from bottom to top, the probe plate doesn't move and the tray acts up, which effectively prevents the contact and life of the pipeline and electric circuits of the air tube and wire stock from affecting as the probe plate moves back and forth.

3. Two smoke sensors are designed and installed on the air duct according to the direction of the air duct for every storage location; each battery cell corresponds to a temperature probe to monitor the temperature of the battery shell in real time. The dual monitoring mode of smoke sensitivity plus temperature control is effective to ensure the safety of the test.

4. The multi-needle circular probe is adopted and composed of a current needle and 2 voltage needles. The probe needle is serrated; the beryllium-copper material is gold-plated; the contact impedance is small and the temperature rise of large current is less than 10 ℃ to ensure the accuracy of current and voltage sampling accuracy.

5. The eccentricity concept is adopted for negative pressure cup design and the bottom is designed with inclined surface, which effectively prevents the residual crystallization of electrolyte. The negative pressure cup is equipped with double-layer sealing ring and filter screen device to effectively prevent the occurrence of air leakage phenomenon.

6. The negative pressure system is designed with high and low double negative pressure and all the devices are made of corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel. The battery formed by this method has the advantages of high capacity performance of active material, small internal resistance, small probability of the shell's drumming up and long cycle life.


1.With the tray as a unit, it's very convenient to load the battery at a high test speed, which is suitable for the large-scale battery production.

2.The subcomponents are designed in a large scale, which is convenient for installation, replacement and maintenance.

3.There is no direct contact between metals in a mechanical unit parts to effectively prevent dust falling during collision.

4.The two-cylinder mode is adopted to make the movement process more stable and improve the contact performance.


1.Test of battery's negative pressure, air extraction, and formation

2.Sorting test of battery capacity

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