The design of electric vehicles and energy storage system meets the needs of saving energy and reducing production costs during the battery production process by balancing the total loop power to make the utilization of battery power more efficient.​

  • On the basis of the original charging and discharging system, the whole system sets the server side to control all the situations. The server side and charging and discharging system are communicating through the network.

  • The server side monitors the power status of each charging and discharging system in real time and controls the controlled machine to perform power equalization to change the charging or discharging power of the channel in real time, so that the total charging and discharging power of the entire system tends to zero.

  • The server has a certain delay in the control of power, preventing the power from constantly shaking, and the delay is about 10 - 20 seconds.

  • The server and charging and discharging system can be deployed in the same computer or different computers in the same LAN.