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Gantry Transistor Spot Welding Machine
Semco SI-MWN-4000A/6000A/9000A

About the product: This transistor spot welder machine is used for welding the cells with high quality. With self-check and contrast function, it can make sure that each spot is up to standard.

Product Features:

  • The constant voltage and constant voltage charging are safe and smooth, and the voltage and current sampling output of the device is controlled through the four-wire system connection for soft start, so as to make a safe and smooth transition in the constant voltage and constant voltage charging process to avoid the occurrence of peak damage to the battery. 

  • High-precision calibration: charging current, discharge current, charging voltage and discharge voltage are all calibrated by agilent with high precision to ensure the accuracy of current within 1% and voltage within 0.5%.

Technical parameter

  • Specifications: SWDQ-2429

  • Input Power:  AC 220V/50Hz+10%

  • output Power: 4000A/6000A/9000A can option 

  • Drive form: Pedal/Pneumatic

  • Output Signal: Photoelectric switch

  • Welding Current: 00-99 Adjustable

  • Welding Time: 1.0-3.0(ms)

  • Pressure in electrode: 0.5-4kgf

  • Electrode Diameter: $6

  • Electrode Length: 15mm


  • Control: Control by microcomputer

  • Set Up: Each parameter was set by keyboard

  • Display: Display the setting parameters with large LCD accurately, intuitive and conveniently

  • Welding Pressure: 0.2-0.8KG/M adjustable

  • Welding mode: Double needles

  • Counting Function: The number of weld static are displayed on the LCD screen in the real time.

  • Alarm Function: It has the function of automatic inspection and improve the welding quality

  • Transistor welding supply power

    • Welding spark is small

    • Welding spot remains the same color

    • Better welding

    • The cell's surface is cleaner after the high accurate welding

    • More accurate welding

    • More uniform heating

    • Short welding time

    • Preventing the influence of the heat to the electric core

Scope of Application

  • Used for welding the power battery and assembled battery

Welding Ability

  • 0.1-0.5mm thickness nickel tabs (Remarks: Over 0.3mm it needs to be hit a bump and split)

Outline Size

  • L:800x W:750x H:1150 mm

Dimension Worktable

  • L:800 x W:650 x H:710 mm

Height between electrode and table

  • 65 - 130 mm adjustable

Remarks: Each machine is equipped with 4 pcs D6 welding electrode.

Welding Application of Power Cell

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