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Gantry Precision Spot Welder

Semco SI-MWN-2500A

About the product: The equipment has stable performance, reliable welding quality, compact and reasonable structure, small size and large power. The customer evaluates it as "fighter" in welding machine. Precision microcomputer technology control, can store a number of procedures, can be changed at will, call; the double-stage multi-pulse adjustment can improve the output energy waveform, improve the welding ability and make the welding spot firm and beautiful.

Automatic monitoring and tracking compensation of grid voltage; simple design, easy to learn equipment operation; digital LED display, equipment parameter adjustment more intuitive easy to learn easy to operate; the design of the rear outlet electrode makes it easier to assemble on the automatic equipment. Optimized structure design, exquisite appearance, compact and reasonable structure, small size and large power; industrial grade circuit design, circuit safety and reliability.

Product Features:

  • The constant voltage and constant voltage charging are safe and smooth, and the voltage and current sampling output of the device is controlled through the four-wire system connection for soft start, so as to make a safe and smooth transition in the constant voltage and constant voltage charging process to avoid the occurrence of peak damage to the battery. 

  • High-precision calibration: charging current, discharge current, charging voltage and discharge voltage are all calibrated by agilent with high precision to ensure the accuracy of current within 1% and voltage within 0.5%.

  • Welding Way: One-Side Welding Double Point Of Balance

  • Equipment Weight: 30 Kg (Excluding Power)

  • Power Supply Current: 3000A

  • Welding Speed: 180times/Min

  • Equipment Power: 220V 50/60HZ

  • Power Capacity: 12 KW (Including Power)

  • Welding Power: Two-Stage Multiples

  • Input Current: 32A

  • Welding Thickness: 0.2 Mm (More Than Dot Need To Slot)

  • Drive Mode: Pneumatics

  • Platform Load: 60kg

  • Shape Size: 1200*650*1200 (Mm)

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