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SEMCO 100V 60A 2CH

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Product Features:

  • The constant voltage and constant voltage charging are safe and smooth, and the voltage and current sampling output of the device is controlled through the four-wire system connection for soft start, so as to make a safe and smooth transition in the constant voltage and constant voltage charging process to avoid the occurrence of peak damage to the battery. 

  • High-precision calibration: charging current, discharge current, charging voltage and discharge voltage are all calibrated by agilent with high precision to ensure the accuracy of current within 1% and voltage within 0.5%.

 ​Equipment Key Components


Serial Number            Product                    Producer's Name                Origin                   Function Description

         1.                 Feedback Power      Guodian Seth / Pictured           China                    AC-DC Or DA-AC


         2.                          Fan                      Built Standard/NMB        Taiwan/Japan        Air-Cooled Heat Rejection

         3                          Fuse                 LITTLEFUSE/BUSSMMAN       America     Protection Abnormal State Safety                                                                                                                                         Of Batteries And Equipment.

         4                            IC                                 TI/ON                   Mexico/Thailand         Current And Voltage                                                                                                                                                        Acquisition, PID Control

        5                         Relay                             OMRON                 Japan (Or China)       Switch Charging And                                                                                                                                                         Discharging Circuit

        6                     MOS Tube                             IR                             Mexico                Power Switch Tube

        7                    Two Triode                            IXYS                         Malaysia              Rectification/Freewheeling

        8                   Resistor-Capacitor              YAGEO                         China        High-Precision Current And Voltage                                                                                                                                                     Sampling

        9                Sampling Resistor             Isabellenhütte                Germany        High-Precision Current Sampling

       10                Current Amplifier                      TI                      China (Package)       High-Precision Current


       11               Voltage Amplifier                       TI                            America         High-Precision Voltage Sampling

       12          Analog-To-Digital Converter         Lint                           America          High-Precision Current, Voltage                                                                                                                                   And Temperature Wait For Collection

       13          Digital-To-Analog Converter         ADI                           America       Setting Of High-Precision Analog                                                                                                                                                          Quantity

       14               Master Chip                ARM Series STM32               America                        Master Chip

  • Communication Method: TCP/IP (network port)

  • Channel Control Mode Single: point independent control

  • Charging energy saving efficiency 85%

  • Charging Voltage: 0~100V

  • Discharge Voltage: 100~10V

  • Recharging Current: 0.2A~60A

  • Discharge feedback efficiency 80%

  • Discharge Current: 0.2A~60A

  • Voltage Accuracy: ±(0.05%RD + 0.05%FS)

  • Current Accuracy: ±(0.1%RD + 0.1%FS)

  • Main Temperature: According to the specific equipment, it can be customized and equipped with 1 channel per  channel

  • Voltage Resolution: 1mV

  • Current Resolution: 1mA

  • Temperature Resolution: 0.1℃

  • Input Resistance: ≧10 MΩ

  • Input Power: AC 220V±10%/50Hz (Power supply mode of the cabinet: three-phase five-wire)

  • Sampling Frequency: Single box 10mS

  • Record Time:100mS~65535S

  • Current Response Time: Current rise time: ≤50mS

  • Charging Mode Charging Cut-Off Condition: Constant current limit voltage, constant current constant voltage, constant power charging, constant current overcharge test (for battery with protective board) Voltage, current, time, capacity, temperature

  • Discharge Mode Discharge Cut-Off Condition: Constant current discharge, constant power discharge, constant current over-discharge test (for battery with protective board) Voltage, current, time, capacity, temperature

  • Number Of Steps In A Single Cycle: 100 Step, with nested loop function (10 Layer) Modular

  • Circuit Configuration: Structure design, easy to replace and repair

  • Software And Hardware Protection: protection, under voltage protection, short circuit protection.

  • Communication Method: The interface between the equipment and the middle computer adopts the CAN interface, and the communication between the middle machine and the upper computer adopts the LAN network, which can ensure the stability and real-time performance of long- distance data collection. All communication ports of the equipment are isolated and have lightning protection design.

  • Software System: Provide free software upgrades for life

  • Voltage and current detection sampling terminal Special four-wire connection

  • Security Level: Meet the requirements of EN60950, GB4943

  • Noise: Follow the method of IEC62040-3 to test the noise, and the noise is less than 70dBA. The sound level meter used should meet the requirements of Type I in IEC804, and the accuracy should be better than ±

  • Protection Level: IP20

  • Chassis Color: Bin gray

  • Lightning Protection: Meet the 2-pole lightning protection requirement

Auxiliary temperature, auxiliary voltage, single module can be customized 16 Two channels, which can be arbitrarily mapped and configured to each main channel

temperature range:-40~140°C

voltage range:0~5V / 0~20V

  1. The software supports a variety of connections, such as manual suspension and connection, software shutdown and connection, power interruption and connection, equipment communication interruption and abnormal stop and connection;

  2. Barcode scanning is supported, and one-dimensional code and two-dimensional codes can be scanned. Scanning by dimension code, there are scan code methods such as sequential scan code, channel jump scan code, loading scan code, etc.;

  3. Local test detailed data storage, you can view the current test data and historical data of each channel at any time, and there are two data and curve correspondences. Corresponding presentation in this way, And it supports exporting EXCE reports in single or batch form. In addition, you can set up automatic data export at the end of the test as needed.

  4. Support capacity sorting, battery grade sorting and LED lights, capacity statistics algorithm C=I*t points, energy Q=U*I*t points;

  5. Support test end qualification judgment, according to Specify the cycle capacity, voltage, time and other information to judge the Pass/NG results;

  6. Support various process protections and global voltage, current, temperature abnormal protection, and abnormal alarms, support battery pack overcharge and over discharge protection tests;

  7. Support unit conversion;

  8. Support database server background MES storage or other MES docking;

  9. Software and hardware offline protection;

  10. Support channel parallel function;

  11. Real-time screening of voltage collection, check the battery for poor crimping before testing, and transform into voltage screening before the test.

  12. BMS communication protocol docking, monitoring battery charging and discharging process processing through BMS data items.

  1. Global protection parameters (including battery reverse connection protection, voltage lower limit protection, voltage upper limit protection, current upper limit protection, over-temperature protection), CC charging protection parameters (voltage trend abnormal protection, charging current fluctuation abnormal protection, voltage fluctuation abnormal protection, charging voltage Time setting, charging voltage rising speed abnormal protection), CV charging protection parameters (including current trend abnormal protection, charging current fluctuation abnormal protection, voltage fluctuation

  2. Abnormal protection), CC discharge protection parameters (including voltage trend abnormal protection, discharge current fluctuation abnormal protection , Voltage fluctuation abnormal protection, discharge voltage drop speed abnormal protection), Idle protection parameters (including voltage abnormal jump protection) five items, when each protection reaches the user set parameters, the device

  3. Will automatically stop the channel operation, and issue an alarm, and at This incident is recorded for easy tracking.

1. During the running of the system, the main window of the software will display the current, voltage, and charge and discharge capacity, running process and current running process of each channel in real time.


2. Name and other information. The software can also view the current running data or historical data at any time through the window, and it can be exported manually or automatically in EXCEL format.


Serial Number                         Standard                                   Unit                                           Quantity

         1                          Network cable 3 meters                      Root                                               1

         2                           Power cord 2.5 meters                       Root                                               1

         3                          Channel line 1.8 meters                       Set                                                1

         4                           Communication line                            Root                                              1

         5                         Excellent Kinetic Energy                       PCS                                              1

                              Battery Testing System Software    

         6                       Software User's Manual                         PCS                                               1

         7                 Equipment installation precautions              PCS                                               1                  

                     and operation manuals and video tutorials

         8                           Mid-position machine                        PCS                                                1

         9                        Fixture (Alligator Clip)                           Set                                                  1

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